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Nothing can help you to learn a game better than real-life experience. And our funny poker stories are the best form of sharing this experience with other people. If you want to know how people act in different situations while believing that they’re absolutely right – it’s so amazing to learn this from someone else’s experience and have fun during the process.

Online poker and live poker stories about wins, losses, successful bluffs, brilliant poker strategy, poker rules, and vicious rear-part-burns after a huge mistake – it’s all gathered here on this page for your entertainment! And we’re always looking forward to the new ones, so if you’ve got a hella funny poker story – submit it here!
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Deportation of the Lucky Winner

There have been many stories about the people hitting a losing streak immediately after winning a fortune — in gambling, the lottery or whatever! Sometimes it seems as if such unfortunate stories always begin just after you’ve had the good fortune of cashing in!. But for one woman in Arizona, it began even before cashing in. She won $1,200 jackpot in a local casino and was already about to cash it in — however, that was exactly the point where the trouble began. They asked her to show her passport, and in the end, it revealed she was staying illegally in the United States. She never collected her prize; and on top of that, she was deported to Mexico!

Gambling Saved FedEx

FedEx is one of the companies everybody on the planet must have heard of. A symbol of success, stability, and globalized contemporary civilization. A service that can deliver pretty much anything and anywhere! An employer with about 300,000 jobs worldwide. A business annually enjoying $33 billion gaining. But how can something like gambling save FedEx? And what could gambling possibly have in common with this company, anyway?

There was one tough moment in 1973 when Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx, found himself in a difficult situation. The company only had $5,000 in the bank, and the bills were stacking up; including a $24,000 one for fuel. Clearly, the threat of bankruptcy was in the air. So Fred Smith took his last money and went to Vegas. It was a Blackjack table that eventually helped Fred turn $5,000 into $27,000, and so the fuel bill was finally paid! This was the turning point in saving the company and making Fred Smith one of the wealthiest people in the world — his personal net worth is now $2.1 billion!

A Sick 20-Sec Win

His name was Ashley Revell, and his example should never be followed. An all or nothing roulette spin — this was what he did, having drained his savings account to zero and sold everything he had. This was probably the worst bankroll management possible! And, holding $136,000 in his hands, he let the wheel decide. It took only 20 seconds to turn his $136,000 into $272,000. But again: don’t try to do this at home!

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How to Know Cheating from Using Your Brain

Casinos hate cheaters! Well, in fact, nobody really likes them anyway; but as cheaters do pose a serious threat to the very basics of the casino business, a lot of efforts have always been made in order to trace potential cheaters down, to study their ways and to make up a list of unwanted casino attendants. Once you are caught, you can be sure you are no longer to be considered a casino goer, as you’re listed in the famous Griffin book of undesirables.

However, sometimes casinos have trouble in their everlasting crusade against cheaters. In 2000, Michael Russo and James Grosjean were caught in a well-known casino and accused of cheating, but this was only a beginning of the story. Russo and Grosjean filed a case against the casino and claimed that they had not used a cheating device; neither had they stolen chips or caused any other kind of trouble. They only used their brain and their own “playing style” and “counting cards” to win some money from the casino…

Here was the toughest part: what exactly kind of “brain use” of the two should be considered “cheating,” and what isn’t? But the investigation of the case in court revealed that in fact, no cheating actually took place; Russo’s and Grosjean’s blacklisting was lifted and they won the suit. Since then, casinos have changed their practices. They really do tend to think twice before taking a visitor to a temporary retention backroom facility; they don’t just do it because they thought that this particular visitor won “too much.”

Little Poker Genius?

Stories about wunderkinder have always been around. From time to time we hear about children who have outstanding gifts in this or that area of life: music, math, languages, etc. So it’s hardly a surprise some children have turned to gambling! In such cases, families tend to keep this a secret, which is the complete opposite of the usual bragging we find where the child is talented in math or literature. Even so, some information is sure to leak out sooner or later!

In 2010, some news about an 8-years-old boy from Chandigarh, India was widely discussed over the net. Although all this was never fully confirmed, the story went that the boy won $500,000 playing online poker through his uncle’s account. The boy was said to be a whiz kid who was also able to build web pages at the age of 4! Allegedly, the online poker room initially refused to pay out because of the winner’s young age; but it did reveal that the room knew his age and even called him “little poker wizard,” having even paid him out some smaller prizes he had won earlier.

It was also reported that the case was referred to a New Delhi court; but no further details have been revealed to the public. Maybe, one day in the near future, a newly-emerged star, a talented poker player from India, will be able to shed more light on this story where he is the amazing hero! Who knows?

What is Right, What is Left

There is a funny story in the USA about a small buy-in tournament a young man was taking part in. Thinking hard, and apparently not being happy with his participation in general, he was sitting and holding his hole cards in one hand and a few remaining chips in the other. And then he threw his chips in the middle of the table, announcing his “fold.” The dealer could not believe his eyes, asking: “Didn’t you just throw your chips into the pot?”

The young man only swore and after a moment of shock explained that he had just forgotten what hand his hole cards were in, and that he did not mean to throw his last chips. Of course, he was busted out of the competition, which apparently was a good outcome for the young man!

A Red Flush

There are many funny stories about newcomers who have made some funny mistakes while taking their first steps in gambling. Learning poker is full of such situations; as it is simply impossible to take in all the hands, rules and game nuances at once. This game requires a careful, step-by-step study before playing your first hands.

However, poker is attractive as a game; and many people would still study it with enthusiasm without really knowing how funny or even stupid they might seem to their friends who are teaching them.

There is a story about a young man who was very eager to learn the game and its mechanics, but he could not quickly memorize the basics. He was being taught by his friend who knew how to play and who had already won some small sums online. The idea was that the novice would probably learn better if he was placed in some a “model” situations, just playing training hands with his more experienced friend.

Having forgotten his poker face, the young man was obviously delighted when he saw the flop and raised with a happy smile, as he was very sure of his hand. At the showdown, when his “tutor” exposed two pairs, the young man said he had a red flush and had shown three hearts and two diamonds.

That evening, the “tutor” decided not to disappoint his poker student; but later on, they both laughed together about this red flush hand. The beginner eventually learned to play poker and became a good player, but this story reminds that any of us can look funny when we first being to study something!


  1. about card counting – this is so true. I know that casinos hate when you try to use your brain at blackjack or whatsoever. So be careful!


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