Best Betting Quotes

We all like to read some strong and inspiring quotes by famous people, but the problem with them is that most people don’t want to reveal too much of their lives, especially when they know that the words will be passed further. Not many celebs have enough guts to admit that they bet, and even less have something to say that’s worthy of becoming a quote.

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It wasn’t easy, but we’ve found some top quotes about nearly every form of betting, including sports betting quotes, horse racing quotes, sports betting memes, and many more! We are happy to share them with you as well as with everyone else!

Horse sense

Don’t you always feel like horses are plotting something when you see them in herds? Are they making us lose on purpose? Who’s taking all the money? I am too suspicious right now.

 betting against myself

This is a shout out to all the gamblers who constantly lose, yet they stubbornly continue to gamble.

you unhappy man

It’s true — If a gambler gambles his house away, it was by their own free will. Nobody forces you to go to a casino and lose a ton of money — And that’s what makes it worse.

Maybe winning isn’t everything

Some gamble for the thrill, others gamble to win big money. If you’re in it for the money, then remember to stop on time.

England is the world of betting men

*Australia, China and Macau have left the group.*

Eat your betting money

Don’t you dare spend the money that you’re saving for your kid’s college. That is what being an irresponsible parent means.

Sports Betting

If this doesn’t make you want to learn about football, and its teams and rules — Then I don’t know what will.

 betting on a golf game and losing

Golf is very straightforward, a Golf player is either amazing or horrible, there’s no in between. This is something you should know by now.I bet

Admit it, never in your life have you prayed more sincerely than in a casino when you went all in. And that’s faith my friend.

doesn’t beat the player

And I think a common gambler should be smarter than that. If you use this tool wise enough, you can surprise the house by robbing it of its money.



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