Betting Quotes From Celebrities and Famous Gamblers

You’d be amazed to know how many of the most legendary people of this world gambled and won tremendous amounts of money. Many of them were politicians, nobles, scientists, famous artists and so on, and many of them have compressed their experience in a few lines that can tell us many important things about gambling and human nature.

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If you’re seeking truth in the words of the wise and powerful people – here you will find the famous gambling quotes from the iconic characters from all over the world. Regardless of being huge winners or losers, these people knew something you can make use of, and we’ll share their wisdom with you on this page!

Inspiration for Players

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And you’re the main act in the play. But please don’t make it a comedy — Others might laugh, but you will cry. I can assure you of that.

Without gambling

Your mother would strongly disagree with Thompson. But we understand your enthusiasm, I’m sure many feel the same way.

time gambling

Jerry Lewis was rich and famous, and you’re probably not. So trust me when I tell you that you won’t have the best time gambling and losing fortunes.


Some people like taking risks, while other people don’t. I guess it all depends on whether the glass is half empty or half full for you.

3-1 favorite loses

Richard gambled a grand a day for 30 consecutive days. Do you have a grand to spare every single day? If yes, then go ahead.


the best of the cards

Roughly translated — Try to be smart. Casinos want you to stay and gamble, and they will offer you all sorts of things just to return the money you took from them. It’s your job to outsmart them.

Gambling operates

Psychologists say that we often confuse temporary pleasures with true happiness. If you buy a new pair of jeans, you’re not happy, you’re just satisfied. Gambling is more or less the same.

Tips from Gamblers

It’s essential that you understand the irony in these words. The house always wins, and this is probably something everyone told you at least a hundred times.

to double your money

At least you will have a feeling that you have more money in your pocket. It’s either that or to let the casino take it.

the money you bet

Because who’s to guarantee that one particular dog will win? If you don’t have enough money to spare, then don’t do it.

best throw

You can always play for fun though. You know that a board game called ‘Trouble?’ Well, you need dice to play it. See, you can still keep your pair of lucky dice.

hitting Las Vegas

Keno is very similar to Bingo, other than the fact you will probably win at Bingo at some point. This is not something you can say for Keno.

Don't gamble

Or invest in real estate, that is always a good move. Just please don’t waste it all away at a Roulette table or trying to outsmart the Poker veterans.

From Movie and TV

Give up gambling

Or invest in real estate, that is always a good move. Just please don’t waste it all away at a Roulette table or trying to outsmart the Poker veterans.

enjoy gambling

Spock gets it. Apparently, gambling is so highly addictive not even the superior aliens can resist it. I’m surprised we’re not all addicted by now.

that gambling

Said Japan before it legalized gambling in 2019.



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