The Top List of the Strongest Poker Quotes

Some people say that the best poker players in the world are also the best in psychology, face-reading, and in many other things that are so helpful during a poker game. And we cannot deny that! When you’re competing with the best, and your task is to overpower your opponent, knowing that millions are at stake, and they can be either doubled or lost in a blink of an eye.

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The collection of the best, powerful, deep, inspiring, and just funny poker quotes from the poker champions and other famous people that loved poker – all here on this page. You see, we’re not only about jokes and memes!


hosing you with money

The croupier thinks you’re funny, they also think you’re beautiful. Yes, that undersized shirt definitely looks amazing on your body. Did you get the point yet? A casino will shower you with compliments if you shower it with your money in return.

Money isn't everything

I hope you’re a very good player. It takes wits to outsmart people in this tournament.

a suck keep money

Bill was a riverboat gambler, and he obviously hated losers. Then again, nobody is forcing you to sit at a poker table and let others take your money away.

a poker player’s money

That’s because all the Dollars look the same, Johnny.


In case you ever thought too highly of yourself, people like Lou are always there to bring you back down to Earth. All jokes aside though, you usually count on your opponents to make a mistake in Poker, that’s how you win.

For Your Inspiration

Fold and live to fold again

Which means you need to make sure that you have enough money left to return to a casino in the first place.

Life, like poker

A lot of successful people will tell you that if you’re not prepared to risk it, then you won’t achieve much in your life. Poker is more or less the same, you either risk it all or lose it all.

Poker is not a game

This is quite an anarchistic way to view the world. We’re not living in a jungle, and you don’t have to kill a person to win at Poker.

poker greatness

This is how you prove you’re the wisest. Veterans know when to back off, amateurs don’t.

Poker is a skill game

James is a bestselling author, and for a reason. At Poker, everyone plays dumb more than they play smart. You often need to convince your opponents that you have no idea what you’re doing.

Quotes about Life

There is more to poker than life

I’m afraid many of the addicted gamblers believed in this theory. Unfortunately, I’m not so certain if things worked out fine for them.

Aces are larger

This mostly depends on the card game you’re playing. But yes, seeing an Ace card when you need it the most really does make you believe you can move mountains.


Here’s the catch — You can’t master the luck. But if you do master the skill, you can often trick luck into bringing you the fortune.

bets the most wins

I am no runner up of WSOP, but I would really advise you against this. This is how houses were lost. Sammy knows what he’s doing though — So I suggest you master all the bluffing techniques before you decide going all in is a good idea.

I learned to play poker

That’s because unlike you, Kenneth Langone is a billionaire. God knows how many winnings in life this man has had.

 interesting things about poker

If for a moment you start to believe how you’re the best, and how nobody is quite as smart as you are, you become your own worst enemy. Our ego is often the reason for our downfall — You live and you learn, so always try to observe others and pick up bits of their wisdom.


    • those quotes are nothing compared 2 this one: whenever you feel dumb at poker, think about Kim Kardashian who played with mirror glasses 😀 this would never get old


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