Finest Betting Jokes

When it comes to betting, we know that anything can happen. People win huge amounts of money by betting on multiple events, and sometimes the sequences of winnings are so unimaginably long, that no one would have believed that they’re possible. And still, they work out somehow! Isn’t it a good occasion to praise high odds and have fun about everything?

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And the answer is yes, of course! You can laugh literally at anything! Even if the team you bet on lost everything it could lose, and your favorite horse came last, there is still a chance to have tremendous amounts of fun, and we’ll help you with this by showing you our huge collection of betting jokes! And what makes the biggest part of those jokes and betting memes? Horse races! There’s no such thing in the world that an ardent horse-race bettor would not believe in if it promises a win to their favorite horse. And here you can see fine examples!

Horse racing

Horse racing

I can almost promise you that it will stop running. Is it the horses being jerks or simply bad luck? I guess we’ll never know. horse racing

Highly competitive people those vampires.

seven horses

In your eyes, that horse is a winner and always will be! I say you bet on it over and over again.

getting home

Stop hating on horses already! They’re the royalty of elegance, treat them like it. If you don’t like it, then don’t bet — I can almost assure you the horses are laughing at you as well.

getting home

But did she lose weight in the end? You still didn’t answer the question dude.

have to bet

Scratch that. She will still yell at you for gambling, and then she will take all your winnings as a compensation for the emotional damage you put her through.

Witty answers to the questions:

race horses eat

I’ve never seen one waiting in line at McDonald’s like the rest of us mortals. I wish to speak to the manager immediately.

about riding a horse

But you can still try and outrun the horse. Maybe you’re a new type of metahuman — Maybe Marvel will base a new comic on your story? — The Horseman.

horse say after it fell

Neigh — The people said. And so the horse never giddied up.

Bad News

I have more important questions — Why would anyone call their horse bad news? What did the horse ever do to them?

a small horse across the country

I hope that if a Pony ever reads this, it doesn’t decide to tease you about your height. These jokes are so politically incorrect.

has the most hair

And how could you possibly know?

 hurt themselves

Hold your horses, it’s a funny joke, but it’s not groundbreaking.

Bad luck


 picking up one of two bets

That’s just the way of the world. Ying and Yang, give some to get some. You’re a gambler, you should know this by now.



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