About Us

When we think of the games of chance, it’s always about luxurious casinos, happy winners, and huge jackpots. Casino games have inspired creators of countless movies, books, and works of art, and we’ve got used to that, but with the growth of the Internet another form of art emerged: memes. Gambling humor was always a thing, since if you take all wins and losses seriously – you might make it right into the nervous breakdown.

Each casino game has its asset of jokes and puns, starting with roulette and ending with poker. Snake eyes and “seven” superstitions, poker face and unsuccessful bluff, card counting and impossible odds, gambler’s fallacy, huge wins and literally all other aspects of the most popular games of chance were smiled or better yet ROFLed upon. Here on our website, we’ve gathered the best betting jokes and memes to make you laugh your brains out and forget about anything that bothers you.

After all, gambling is not about making money. It’s the thrill of the game that makes us come back for more entertainment and more exciting moments to share with the others. And you can always come back here to us for a fresh portion of gambling jokes!